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My name is Joe (Giuseppe) Fallisi. I'm an Italian tenor and a human as well animal rights activist...

My name is Joe (Giuseppe) Fallisi. I'm an Italian tenor (see: and a human as well animal rights activist. I took part to the second Free Gaza trip to Gaza (on 'Dignity') on October 2008 (see: Then I reached the Strip of Martyrs by Rafah with Lifeline and George Galloway in 2009; then, still in 2009, I took part to the Gaza Freedom March in Cairo (see:,, and the following year I came back on January to Gaza again through Rafah border. Every time I made a concert at Shawa Theatre, and I'm actually the only one opera singer to have sung in Gaza.

I took part also, in May 2010, to the Freedom Flotilla and I was jailed and expelled by Zionist tyrants (see:,,,,,,,

Here are the songs I wrote for Palestine:

On April 2011, together with the British Civilians for Peace in Libya, I went to Tripoli and since then I’m fighting for the cause of truth and justice in this African country under imperialists and monstrous islamists assault (see:,,,, 

On October 27, 2011 I filed a complaint at the Penal Court of Rome against the Italian State for its war on Libya (see:,,,,,,,, and then, in November 2001, I was the testimonial for the petition launched by Action Liberté 20 in collaboration with the Ivorian National People's Congress, calling for the revocation of the Nobel Prize for peace given to Barack Obama and the arrest by the International Criminal Court of the same Obama, Mrs Hillary Clinton, Cameron and Sarkozy (see:,

Since February 2012 I’m the cultural and political adviser in charge of European affaires for the Ivorian National People's Congress and the representative of Action Liberté 20 Europe.

On May 2012 and August-September 2013 I went to Damascus to monitor the real situation of Syria and I'm still doing all I can to denounce the horrific aggression against this Arab Republic (see:,,,,, 35:16-45:43,,,,,

Here you can hear me as a protest singer as well as an activist: (00:00-06:55)

I’m the author of 'La ballata del Pinelli' (cfr.,,, and the largest anthology of anarchist songs ever recorded, “L’uovo di Durruti”: see (some of these recordings are on youtube too).

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