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Stop the ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem: "March 30, 2012, massive nonviolent Global March to protest the judaization of Jerusalem"

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Israel revokes Jerusalem residency of 70,000 Palestinians

According to the Wadi Helwa Information Centre (see below), the Mayor of Jerusalem has announced that the Palestinian population of Jerusalem is being reduced by 70,000 persons with the stroke of a pen. The disenfranchised population consists of Palestinian residents of Jerusalem who had earlier been isolated behind towering walls from the rest of Jerusalem, cutting them off from their work, education and other civic facilities.

Many of the affected had previously been forced to make enormous detours in order to maintain their normal commute activities on both sides of the wall. As a result, economic activity and social services became increasingly separated, which is what the wall was designed to accomplish. The disenfranchisement of the isolated population is therefore the final step in expelling persons whom Israel considers to be of the wrong ethnicity and religion (Christian or Muslim). Henceforth, they will need a special permit ("visa") to visit areas of the city that were once only a short walk away. If history is any guide, that permit will become increasingly difficult to obtain.

This is only the latest in the long history of the ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem and Palestine, which includes the prohibition of building permits to Palestinians, the confiscation of land, the denial of public services, the demolition of living quarters, the separation of families and many other measures that are applied exclusively to Palestinians. In the meantime, Israel heavily subsidizes Jewish housing and services in order to encourage Jewish Israelis to replace expelled Palestinians wherever possible.

Please stop the ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem
On March 30, 2012, a massive Global March to Jerusalem will take place with people from around the world gathering in Palestine and neighboring countries for a nonviolent march to Jerusalem, to protest the "Judaization" (ethnic cleansing) of Jerusalem. Here is what you can do to help:

Ask your organization to endorse the Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ). Send the endorsement to Endorsing organizations in North America are also welcome to become part of the North American organizing committee and participate in decision making and implementation through their representatives.

Ask prominent individuals with whom you are in contact to also endorse and even to participate in the GMJ, if they are willing. Send the endorsements to

Register at to become part of the North American GMJ association of volunteer participants in the march.
Help support the march with your donations, which will be used to send volunteers who cannot otherwise participate, to provide regional representation at planning meetings and to educate the public through events, print and electronic media.

70,000 Palestinian Jerusalemites to be re-classified as West Bank citizens
Monday, 26 December, 2011 | 23:27
Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) --

Jerusalem mayor Nir Barakat has announced that the city Municipality will now classify 70,000 citizens of Jerusalem as non-residents, furthering the right wing Israeli campaign to achieve a Jewish majority in East Jerusalem. Seventy thousand Palestinian residents already cut off from the rest of Jerusalem by Israel’s Apartheid Wall will now be cast out on paper as well, with their affairs turned over from the Municipality to the Israeli military’s West Bank civil administration.

Palestinian Jerusalemites vehemently reject the segregation of their city, criticizing the “false justification of security that Israeli authorities peddle in order to take over our lands and separate us from our families – amidst a disgraceful silence from the international community.”

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